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How Figma uses go links from Trotto to spread knowledge quickly and stay secure

Meet Dev. He's the Head of Security at Figma, a web-based design and prototyping platform that helps product teams collaborate easily. One of the things Dev did soon after joining Figma was support and push for the purchase of Trotto go links, along with many other Figmates who had been excited to get up and running even before he joined. His previous experience at Dropbox had convinced him of the importance of short links, and he was excited to use them at Figma.

These are four takeaways from our conversation with Dev about the value of Trotto and go links as he sees it.

The shorter a link is, the more memorable it is, the more it will be shared around the organization, and the more likely the information from that link will actually be used.

As the Director of Security, Dev needs all employees at Figma to know and follow security practices. He said that using the go link go/security makes it easier to circulate critical information within the company.

"In my onboarding talk, my first touch point with the rest of the company, it's pretty powerful to be able to say, 'If you have any question about security, want to see links to InfoSec policy, or how to make a new ticket for security, or what's our policy for vendor approval, go to go slash security,'" Dev said. "All of these things are covered with a simple short link. It's powerful how easy it makes things. And then particularly for security, that ease compounds over time to a security program that communicates effectively with the organization."

go/security has the opportunity to go viral, so to speak, within the organization. If people outside the security team are spreading the word about go/security, chances are much higher the content will be used and security will be tighter. "If people other than me are saying 'go slash security is the place to get the security policies and rules,' there really is a huge amount of leverage," Dev said.

Trotto makes links memorable and, most importantly, shareable within the organization.

Using Trotto for short links has been key to effective knowledge sharing across the entire organization. Without Trotto, sharing information—and making sure people know where to find that info—is cumbersome. Trotto helps people remember important links, and get to it quickly.

In a remote company that's doubling, like Figma, knowledge management is vital—and Trotto helps with that.

In today's modern work environment, Figma employees are working from anywhere. For Dev, having Trotto go links so he can easily and quickly share policies and processes has been immensely important.

"In a remote situation, in a company that is doubling, there are so many new people, so knowledge management becomes more important overall," Dev said. "Having an easy way to share information and share pointers is I think immensely powerful, especially in this world that we're living in."

When the software is table stakes, relationships matter most.

Dev said he chose Trotto over other go links solutions for a few reasons but the one that stood out was the responsiveness and support from the Trotto team—mainly the founder, Jon.

"I tend to work with vendors I can trust: people who are reliable, empathetic, and responsive to users" Dev said. "There's really no product that perfectly solves needs so a vendor who's responsive to feedback and willing to listen and be agile is important. Seeing how quickly Trotto responded to our questions and queries was huge."

Trotto go links can be personal, silly and therefore, bring joy

When you can turn any long, indecipherable link into go slash [insert cute, adorable, fun, silly word], you unleash the power of jokes, laughter, and joy, binding your team closer together. Someone on the Figma sales team created go/legend to celebrate a teammate who had a fantastic quarter. A UC Berkeley alum, Dev's favorite go link at Figma is go/bears, which links to a hilarious Cal diss/love song.

"Maybe not directly relevant to my core job, but we all need some irreverence and joy from time to time. Especially right now." Dev said.

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