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Spend less time pulling up information and more time using it.

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Type a few keystrokes, stay in flow, and focus on doing your best work.

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Share hard-to-access resources as easily as you can say or type their Trotto Go Links.

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Ensure everyone is on the same page and onboard faster with one source of truth for team resources.


Integration tools

Easy integrations for your convenience

Trotto works well with all the tools you love.



Trotto is a great solution for quickly setting up go links in our organization! They make it easy for new knowledge to spread across our team, especially for new people joining. It’s so much easier to tell someone, “Just go to ‘go slash vacation’ to submit time off.” We use them for any recurring resource that people need to access.

— Keith Schacht,

Efficient. Flexible. Secure.

Get there on your terms

Forget about navigating long breadcrumb trails and trying to remember obscure titles.

Stop spending time searching

Create intuitive go links for valuable resources instead of trawling your history/bookmarks/email/Slack for them.

Compound your team’s productivity

Set up a go link once, and it can be used by anyone in the organization.

Share with zero clicks

Bring go links up in conversation, or stick them in slide decks and flyers.

Unlock hyper-efficient workflows

Use programmatic links and quicksearches to make your workflow work for you.

Understand what’s working

Bubble up useful resources and phase out deprecated ones.

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