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Install the extension

The easiest way to use Trotto go links is to install the browser extension


Use your first go link

We've created a sample go link for you at go/trotto-welcome.

Open up a new tab and try it out!

go link gif

Create your own go link

Type in go/[keyword] to create your first go link! You'll be redirected to the Trotto application where you can paste the URL to your link.

demo page
User - Saasplex X Webflow Template

Share with your team

Get your team to download the extension; all go links from the same registered email domain will be shared!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a go link?

Go links are a specific type of URL shortening system that organizations use for internal resources and employees.

What's an example use case?

Use go links to quickly remember your HR benefits (go/HR), to input your expenses (go/expenses), or for your personal zoom meeting (go/meetAndy).

Why use go links?

Go links simplify finding and sharing information in your organization. Spend less time searching through your old bookmarks and messages.

How do go links work?

There are a variety of go links implementations from browser extensions to internal DNS to hosts files.

How is this different from ...?

Go links can easily be confused with other URL shortening services like bit.ly; go links are unique in that they serve private internal links only.

Is this secure?

Yes! Trotto is SOC 2, Type 2 compliant and we take data security seriously. We have robust controls and audits to ensure protection.

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